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Saheli is the world’s first non-steroidal oral preventative pill with high wellbeing and no results with ormeloxifene as the dynamic fixing.

Generally advantageous and most secure method of contraception with a dose of one pill seven days.

Saheli is the world’s sole oral non-steroidal preventative pill. ‘Saheli’ otherwise known as Centchroman (ormeloxifene 30mg) is the lone non–steroidal pill with zero results accessible on the planet. The pill, dispatched by HLL in 1991, is liberated from results like weight acquire, sickness, heaving, cerebral pain as it contains the particle ‘Centchroman’. All normal brands of oral prophylactic pills contain chemicals like estrogen or progesterone or a mix of both, just Saheli is liberated from these steroids and thus has no results. Generally advantageous and most secure method of contraception with a measurement of one pill seven days. Buy oral contraceptive pills online and stay worry-free.

Centchroman, otherwise called ormeloxifene, is one of the specific estrogen receptor modulators, which follows up on the estrogen receptors and is utilized as a non-hormonal, non-steroidal oral prophylactic.

These are

Oral Contraceptives-(Selective estrogen receptor modulators)

Motivations to take

Centchroman is recommended for the treatment of:

  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
  • Advanced breast malignancy

It is for the most part utilized in anti-conception medication.

 How it functions

Centchroman, otherwise called Ormeloxifene, follows up on estrogen receptors. It has frail estrogenic and strong antiestrogenic activities. It is relied upon to apply a prophylactic impact and standardize the seeping from the uterine pit by regularizing the declaration of estrogen receptors on the endometrium. As a prophylactic, it forestalls multiplication and decidualization of the endometrium, upgrades blastocyst development, and somewhat builds undeveloped organism transport through the oviducts. Buy Saheli Online at affordable prices.

 Uses of Saheli,

  • Polycystic ovarian infection
  • Cervical hyperplasia
  • Recent history of jaundice or hepatic disability
  • Severe hypersensitive states
  • Tuberculosis
  • Renal disability

Report to the doctor if the patients are susceptible to Centchroman or some other medications.

 Saheli dosage

Schedule: Centchroman is to be taken twice a week for the first 3 months followed by once a week thereafter. To begin the use of Saheli, the woman is advised to take the first pill on the first day of period (which is the first day of bleeding) and the second pill three days later (on 4th day of bleeding).

What are consists of

Saheli is an oral contraceptive pill that has very high contraceptive value with little side effects. It is because (1) It is taken once in a week (2) It contains synthetic progesterone (3) It contains centchroman (4) It decreases risk of cancer.

Side effects of Saheli,

Exhaustive studies, in thousands of women, evaluating the use of centchroman as a contraceptive have shown that this drug is quite safe. Unlike steroidal contraceptives, centchroman does not cause nausea, vomiting or dizziness and has no adverse effects on the woman’s lipid profile and platelet function

 How effective is Saheli?

Centchroman (SERM), a non-steroidal, non-hormonal agent was found effective in reducing menstrual blood loss in patients with menorrhagia. It was found to be an excellent drug in controlling the systems of abnormal uterine bleeding without affecting normal endocrinal and physiological parameters. Order Saheli 30 mg Online at great prices.

 To conclude

Saheli for women has the sole value of being the world’s first non-steroidal oral contraceptive pills.

It is likewise special since it is an inborn created drug – the first of its sort. For being non – steroidal, Saheli doesn’t have side effects like sickness, retching, weight, and so forth which are usually found with the other oral contraceptive pills. Liberated from side effects, these pills are helpful in anti-conception medication and forestalling impromptu pregnancy.

Ways to buy Saheli tabs

You can Buy Saheli Online. Prefer to order saheli 30 mg cod after discussing with your doctor. You can buy Saheli without prescription. Purchase Saheli Usa to Usa and get it delivered at your doorstep.


Saheli FAQ


One can buy Saheli online as it is the nation’s only oral non-steroidal preventive medication. ‘The Sahel oppositely recognized as Centchroman (ormeloxifene 30mg) is the only non–steroidal drug with zero outcomes available in the world. All ordinary categories of oral prophylactic pills comprise chemicals like estrogen or progesterone or a combination of both, almost Saheli is extricated from these steroids and therefore has no consequences. The commonly favorable and most comfortable procedure of contraception with a measurement of one pill seven days.

Due to its configuration and method of action, this medication is not different from others, but it is also very effective. Saheli doses are proposed to be taken twice a week for the first three months, followed by once a week.

‘The Sahel oppositely recognized as Centchroman (ormeloxifene 30mg) is the only non–steroidal drug with zero outcomes available in the world. It contains a particle known as ‘Centchroman’ that is said to deliver outcomes such as weight reduction, nausea, and heaving. Founded by HLL in 1991, the Saheli pill has been approved by the FDA.

Saheli is a particular estrogen receptor modulator. It stimulates the engagement of estrogen in the body. Saheli medication is a non-steroidal contraceptive that is consumed orally. Even if fertilization occurs, Saheli avoids zygote implantation. Several females are also delayed in ovulation as a result of using Saheli.

Ormeloxifene or centchroman is a non-hormonal, non-steroidal oral contraceptive that requires to be consumed just one time a week. At the moment, it is only available in India under the Saheli brand name. You may experience undesirable birth control pill side effects in terms of the postponed period due to these contraceptive capsules.

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