How Does Yaz/Yazmin Help in Birth Control?

If you’re a woman of kid-bearing age, you’ve probably been faced with a number of alternatives for preventing conception. There are a variety of contraceptive tablets available. Yaz and Yasmin, for example, are two combination oral contraceptives (COCs) with some similarities and variances. A birth control pill may be superior to the others according to your medical records and overall health.

Ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen, and drospirenone, a generic version of progestin, are found in both Yaz and Yasmin. The combination of these two hormones limits the ovulatory period while altering the vaginal and uterine structures. To inhibit sperm from reaching the egg, these alterations include thickening the vaginal mucous. Thus, your doctor may recommend you to order Yaz online.

What is Yaz?

Yaz is a prescription contraceptive or birth control medication intended to prevent conception and treat the premenstrual dysphoric disorder, acne, as well as other gynecological health issues such as PCOS and endometriosis. It can be used on its own or in combination with other drugs. Although it can be used for a variety of purposes, the majority of women who start taking it for preventing pregnancy or PCOS around the age of 14 and have had one period do so because they have no known allergic reactions to oral contraceptive medication.

Yaz contains 20 micrograms of estrogen, which is harmful to the bone health of women aged under 30. Yaz consists of 24 active tablets and four placebo pills. Thus, you can purchase Yaz online and use it as a contraceptive pill.

What is Yasmin?

Yasmin is a 28-day birth control pill that combines two female hormones to prevent conception in women who are in the reproductive stage of their development. It works by preventing eggs from being released throughout the usual menstrual period. It also stops ovulation before the onset of menstruation.

Each pill in Yasmin contains 30 micrograms of Ethinyl estradiol (estrogen), with 21 active pills and 7 placebo pills.

What’s the difference between Yaz and Yasmin?


  • Premenstrual Syndrome has been approved as a treatment by FDA.
  • Prevents conception. Acne and PCOS can both be treated with this supplement.
  • There are 0.2 milligrams of Ethinyl estradiol and 3 mg of drospirenone in this pill.
  • Take one pink hormone pill per day for 24 days and afterward one white hormone-free tablet for 4 days.
  • Women above the age of 14 can use it for acne treatment and women of reproductive age can use it as a contraceptive.
  • If you don’t have insurance, the cost might vary from $15 per package (3 pack minimum) to $20 for a single pack. Insurance should be “free” in the sense that there should be no copay or deductible.


  • Although it is not FDA authorized for the treatment of acne or the treatment of premenstrual disorders, physicians can recommend it for these and other reasons.
  • Prevents conception. Acne and PCOS can both be treated with this supplement.
  • There are 3 milligrams of drospirenone and 0.03 milligrams of Ethinyl estradiol in this product.
  • Take one yellow hormone tablet per day for 21 days and afterward one white hormone-free tablet every day for 7 days.
  • For only women of childbearing age.
  • If you don’t have insurance, the cost might vary from $15 per pack (3 pack minimum) to $20 for a single pack. Insurance should be “free” in the sense that there should be no copay or deductible.

What are the side effects of Yaz or Yasmin?

Medication affects people in different ways. However, if the active chemicals are the same, the adverse effects will be the same. Yaz and Yasmin contain the same amount of progestin/progesterone, while Yasmin has more estrogen.

Some of the most common adverse effects of using Yaz or Yasmin are: 

  • Nausea (if you don’t take it soon before bed or on an empty stomach)
  • If you don’t consume it daily at the same time, you may experience irregular bleeding.
    • Headache (the progesterone present in Yaz and Yasmin may increase the urge to pee more)
    • Weight increase (studies have shown that when groups of women taking the medicine are compared, this does not occur). However, each person is unique, and you may encounter this, but it is not typical).

    However, if any of these adverse effects get worse or bothersome, then you should consult your doctor immediately. Also, do not try to alter or intervene with the recommended dosage as it may induce some unwanted side effects. Thus, you should always buy Yazmin online under the strict supervision of a doctor. 


    Ethinylestradiol and synthetic progesterone are found in Yaz and Yasmin. However, both of them are not the same medication. When compared to Yaz, Yasmin has a slightly higher concentration of Ethinylestradiol. They also have many applications and side effects. 

    Both Yaz and Yasmin can help you avoid getting pregnant. According to effectiveness studies, only about 1 out of every 100 women who take Yaz or Yasmin become pregnant each year. However, some women may choose one over the other because of the potential for side effects. Thus, you may buy Yaz pills online or order Yasmin online COD to prevent conception with fewer side effects. 

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